Thursday, September 8, 2016

Misinformation about Security of E-Voting Machines

I'm no advocate for evoting machines in polling places. In fact, I think the trek to polling places is a waste of time, we could be voting online from home or anywhere. But somebody's got to say something!

US “journalists” ought to be ashamed of the totally irresponsible one-sided presentation they are giving the issue of voting machine security.  They are undermining the legitimacy of our nation’s election results. How reckless and careless can they be?!

They should be giving top priority to FACTUAL and responsible stories, not unrealistic scary stories – especially from the agents of the Verified Voting Foundation.

US Courts have heard all the scary testimony, and found each one to be false.

A fully documented account of the Maryland case, Schade v Lamone, is at How NIST has Misled Congress and the American People about Internet Voting Insecurity,  (free safe dwnld) The testimony of “expert” witness, Avi Rubin, was disregarded by the court, and the petition for an injunction to stop the use of evoting machines denied.

The New Jersey court in Gusciora v Corzine began its list of findings of fact by stating, “While the AVC is not a perfect voting system and there are serious issues that remain to be addressed, based on the evidence adduced at trial, the court finds the following: 
(1) No AVC has ever been demonstrated to have been hacked, other than in an academic setting, in this State or any other state. 
(2) There has never been a demonstrated incident of an attempted attack or a verified attack of any AVC voting system in the United States since its use began at least as early as 1979.” p159 (italics added) The court dismissed some of “expert” witness Andrew Appel’s claims with words like “purely hypothetical,” “fictional,” and “unrealistic.” See the opinion at

Hey journalists folks, Thanks for the harm you've done to our democracy.

William J. Kelleher, Ph.D. 

Author, Internet Voting Now! 


Consider this:

Media helped to nominate Trump with Preferential Coverage

Media is helping to finance his campaign with more Preferential Coverage

Media is Reinforcing Trump’s Campaign by Promoting Misinformation about Security of
E-voting Machines

The greedy herd stampede towards Mindless Unselfcritical Sensationalism is controlling this US presidential election, and We The People are allowing it

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