Friday, September 9, 2016

Internet Voting and Democracy FREE E-Book!


Internet voting is coming to the US. There is no way to stop it. But, we as a nation can go with the flow, and direct the new technology in ways that will democratize our election practices. With Internet voting rightly organized, we can #GetMoneyOut of US politics - on all levels!

Imagine a series of elimination debates for presidential contestants. Watch the debates online or on TV, and vote online. (For all the details, start here*)

Imagine: every Congressional District having its own E-Townhall, as often as the People demand it. Indeed, we can do this in every government office.

Read or download (safe!) these chapters for FREE:

Internet Voting: The Great Security Scare 

The Original Intentions of the Framers for US Presidential Elections 

Obama's Oligarchy: And Other Deviations from the Original Intentions 

How to Organize the Direct Election of US Presidents in a Way Which Will Restore Reason and Eliminate Costs to the Candidates, Based on Internet Voting

TO READ THESE CHAPTERS click on a title, or go to my SSRN author page, at Then click on a title. When it comes up, click on "download." Each chapter is a searchable pdf file.

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William Kelleher, Ph.D. 

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