Monday, April 16, 2012

Americans Elect is a FIRST ATTACK on the Two-Party System!

Friends of Political Reform!

Americans Elect has entered a new phase. First, it has now gained ballot access in 25 states, and the momentum to have it in the rest of the states is unstoppable. They have a sterling legal team hard at work in every state. All the rich investors are in. Their money has been committed to creating the asset. Now the roots are firmly in the ground and growing. Now, AE is a $30M asset waiting to be used. Any organized group can grab it and use it to put one of their own on 50 state ballots.

Secondly, the investors have laid off most of their paid staff. They are intentionally giving the process over to whomever volunteers to take on the responsibility. Any organized group can become volunteers and rule by democratic means. That is what the Ackermans intended from the beginning. Soon a website, built by volunteers, will come online. Candidates will have pages, blogs, and be able to meet with voters and discuss issues. There will be debates between candidates.

As organized and purposeful volunteers, we can make Americans Elect a first attack on the two-party system! If this succeeds, we will be a threat to that system in every state in 2014 and 2016. If we can unite third parties and independents, and agree on one candidate, we can take over this asset.

This is NOT about policy. So what if a former Dem and a former Repub are the first candidates nominated by AE? So what if they are “centrists”?

Policy is not the key issue in this pregnant moment. Remember, in the 1930s Communist Mao Tse-tung joined forces with his arch-enemy and capitalist Chiang Kai-shek to fight the Japanese invaders of China. These two leaders had their priorities straight – first defeat the common enemy, then go back to fighting over how China should be governed.

Lets learn from that historic event. We can beat our common enemy! Our country is crippled by a two-party system that puts its own interests above those of the nation. They battle each other over the leadership of their system and the spoils their puppet masters reap, while the rest of the country goes down the tubes.

It doesn’t matter if AE lacks a candidate with lots of celebrity. Just because we don’t have a Second Coming of Jesus doesn’t mean we have no chance at Salvation.

We don’t have to roll over and let the two-party system walk on us. We don't have to work, like fools, within that system. If we can unify the opposition to the two-party system, and use AE to erect a viable alternative process to the selection and election of office-holders, we can then go back to disputing the best policies for our country.

This is a HUGE opportunity to begin a real revolution in our sick political system.

The sickness is due to the current PROCESS of selecting and electing candidates for office. As we all know, money rules in the two-party system. That system is the cover used by the Ruling Rich so they can govern and claim we live in a “democracy.” Now comes Americans Elect, and all the candidates are self-chosen or drafted by AE members, and they all appear before the voters FOR FREE. Imagine – winning a national primary and having no political debts, except to the voters.

The original American Dream was to have Liberty through self-government. We can realize that dream with this priceless asset now within reach.

Past conceptions of AE conjured up a trap by Wall Street. Some donors remain unidentified, because they fear economic retaliation from the agents of the Establishment. But the donors are not in control of the process. The process can’t be manipulated without detection. Don't let your concepts from yesterday blind you to today's opportunities! It is an open and transparent PROCESS, not a party.

Their online primary is in June. It is open to all - as candidates or as voters. It is a $30M asset that any organized group can use. We only need to back one candidate, and she/he will be on the ballot in all 50 states. Also, because AE will be conducting our country’s FIRST online national primary, there will be many hours of media coverage; again, free to the AE nominee! Not only that, but the AE nominee will be in an excellent position to qualify for the coming series of presidential debates.

Don't let fear cause you to loose this chance for real reform - the rich guys who pay the bills WILL NOT interfere. That would destroy their asset, because AE's success depends upon being truly democratic. The donors are business people. They aren’t going to throw away $30M by acting like dictators.

“Death to the Two-Party System!”

William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.
Political Scientist:
CEO, The Internet Voting Research and Education Fund
Twitter: wjkno1

Author: Internet Voting Now!
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T.J. O'Hara said...

Americans Elect represents one of the few viable alternatives for an independent candidate to gain access to State ballots. I am pursuing the Presidential nomination through this source to try to meaningfully alter what I have termed "the Party paradigm." You can learn more about the Party paradigm and my candidacy at

I hope I can earn the support of those who believe that Liberty is an unalienable right that resides with the individual rather than a privilege that is bestowed by the Government. It's time to return America to the People.

Jim Cook said...

Please link to the sourced document from Americans Elect that explains exactly what is going to go down. For instance, will volunteers be able to staff the corporate board of directors and name all members of ruling committees? Please be explicit in this.

If on the other hand Americans Elect is just running out of money because its investors are fleeing it, we should know that too.

Please, again, link to a primary source document that specifies all details. Until you do, we readers have no idea what's really going on.

wjk said...

Hi Jim!

Thanks for the questions. The website built by volunteers will come online very soon, hopefully in the next few days. That will be the only primary source I can give you – but just give it a few days and you will see that what I have said is true. This is a big, new development. Candidates will have their own pages, and be able to debate with you and everyone else, send/receive emails, and there will be a cool layout for discussions. The national organization supports the project, but gives us no money and has zero control over content.

I’m not an insider with the investors, but I am confident that AE has enough money to keep paying its ballot access team. They just got on in North Dakota, and I am sure they’ll keep it up until they get on in all 50 states. They are half way now!

You want to know, “will volunteers be able to staff the corporate board of directors and name all members of ruling committees?”

OK, two parts: first, who cares who is on the board or the candidate approval committee, if they are not going to use the power the Bylaws give them? And they are NOT going to do anything dictatorial. They have $30M invested in a product they bill as “democratic reform.” If they make one funny move toward undue influence, the volunteers will scream. The world will know that AE was a fraud, and their $30M will have been a complete waste.

Second, you ask if the volunteers will “be able to…” That is a question about our power, and not about somebody giving us permission. Like the government’s taxing power, we volunteers have the power to destroy. I have already begun a discussion about purging the Public Relations people among the paid staff. They have completely confused the AE brand in public opinion. They should be identified and sent packing while there is still time to get out the truth. If we could organize, and pushed hard on this issue, I am sure we could succeed.

There is a $30M asset out there just waiting for reformers to grab and use it!

Lets do it, bro!

Bill Kelleher

rcjorgensen said...

I too am using to be able to access the ballot. This is single most difficult obstacle to third party success. Come to DC on the 4th of July and participate in the As a delegate for AE, I am pleased to work to give America another choice for President. I have self limited contributions accepted to RCJPAC to $500.00 or less. Send a dollar, my campaign is about an Independent becoming President and making a broken system work for the taxpayers.