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News Hour Internet Voting Story

Have you seen the News Hour Internet voting story?

Internet Voting: Will Democracy or Hackers Win?

They followed the exact storyline set out in my blog posts!
Here they are:
Cyber Bullying in Connecticut: A Lesson in Empathy

West Virginia Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant is the victim!

Also see,
Kelleher’s Account of Cyber Bullying in Connecticut Verified

For more on Tennant:
Internet Voting Profile in Courage: Natalie Tennant

On my continuing debate w/ David Jefferson (leader of the opposition):

My Comments on the News Hour story:

Over all, its a balanced report. But they left out one hugely important FACT - namely, Wagner, Jefferson, Halderman, Rivest et al can't give even one instance of a hacking into an actual Internet vote election. DC was just a very first trial, and it failed. But DC was NOT a real election. All over the world - Norway, Switzerland, Estonia, India, Canada, New South Wales, and other places have had Internet voting election w/o security breeches. Elections Canada, the agency that administers national elections there, has ask the gov to make all national elections online. Tennant's experience shows, along w/ the rest of the world, that Internet voting can be done securely. It will boost turnout, too!

Another thing the News Hour report doesn't tell you is how Internet voting, rightly organized, can neutralize Big Money in all US elections. Yet another is that paper based businesses, like big newspaper corporations, spread false scary stories about supposed Internet voting insecurity. This is the main reason why the USA has almost no Internet voting. If we had it, it could empower the moderate middle class like never before, end elite rule, and stop all partisan bickering in Washington. That is what my book, Internet Voting Now, is all about. But here are a couple of my old blog posts on this:

How Internet Voting Can Support Nonpartisan Politics

US Social Forum

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